From the moment I joined the field of Library and Information Science, my interest in the discipline sparked within me an excitement and deep desire to learn more. I want to generate that same spark in my students, and the best way I’ve found to do that is to convey my own enthusiasm for the topics I am teaching. Once they have that desire, they can learn more if the subject matter is made relatable to them and their own lives. They can also learn better if I can help them discover the strengths they have within themselves.

I love to teach because of the reward I derive from my efforts to teach in such a way that students are engaged in the subject matter, and as a result are able to set aside previously held notions that were limiting what they could achieve as future information professionals.

The principles that guide me in providing quality learning experiences for students are…

  1. Careful planning and Continuous Improvement
  2. Facilitating Student Empowerment and Mastery
  3. Creating a Fearless and Friendly Learning Environment

 In my courses, I want students to…

  • Be actively independent and to assume responsibility for their learning
  • Transform their managerial thinking
  • Strengthen their leadership, management, and strategic thinking skills
  • Learn the importance of creating their own personal learning network
  • Become informed consumers of research
  • Be aware of the crucial role of the LIS professional in our quickly developing and changing modern knowledge society.