My research interests are centered around the following areas:

  • Information and Knowledge Sharing
  • Information Marketing and Branding
  • Innovation in Information Organizations
  • Social Impact of Information Organizations

As a library and information science researcher with an interest in leadership, management and organizational behavior, my research and teaching is highly interdisciplinary. My research interests revolve around information marketing and branding, improving consumers’ service experiences in information organizations, and knowledge management in virtual teams. The common thread running through the research areas I have pursued is my focus on predicting consumers’ behaviors by better understanding their perceptions of the quality, value, and satisfaction they derive from intangible service experiences in information organizations and in virtual learning environments. My recent research also tends to focus on the problems of knowledge and information sharing across individuals, groups and organizations, and how technology and other mechanisms can be used to effectively solve these problems. Recently, I have also begun to expand my research into understanding how the skills, competencies and behaviors of innovative information managers and other organizational factors can contribute to innovation in information organizations. My research interests have evolved naturally from the research projects I have undertaken or driven by my desire to enhance my students’ learning in my courses.