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Rajesh Singh

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Missouri Library Association 2013 Annual Conference

I presented “Experience matters! Building libraries’ brand image through experience management” at the Missouri Library Association 2013 Annual Conference, Oct 2-4, St. Louis, MO.

2013 Kansas Library Association Conference

I will be presenting the following at the 2013 Kansas Library Association Conference, Oct 9-11, Topeka, KS:

“Library Branding: From public service to community hotspot”

“Tapping into emotions: Strategies for reinventing libraries”

“Beyond carrots and sticks: What really engages library employees”
(with Lindsey Warner and Casey Heupel)

Colorado Association of Libraries Conference 2013

I will be presenting “The emotional pathway to lasting change in libraries” at the Colorado Association of Libraries Conference 2013, Loveland, CO, October 17-19 2013.

Invited Speaker: Alaska Library Association Annual Conference 2013

I have been invited to present two talks at the Alaska Library Association Annual Conference, Mar 21-24, 2013 in Valdez, Alaska. I will be presenting the following two talks:

Leading Change in Libraries with Strategic Thinking and Stick-to-itiveness


Library Image and Branding: Touchpoints to Community Engagement

Educause Regional Conference Feb 2013

I will be presenting “Rethinking Online Discussion: Instructional Strategies for Engaging Students” along with my colleague Yvonne Ballester at the Educause West/Southwest regional conference in Austin, TX in February 2013. This particular topic seems to be generating a high level of interest, as it is a perennial challenge in online learning.

Library 2.012 Worldwide Conference Presentation

I presented “Strategic leadership in the new information landscape” at the Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference, Oct 3-5, 2012.

MLA Conference

I presented “Addressing the total customer experience: The impact of branding in shaping tomorrow’s libraries”  along with Amber Ovsak at the Missouri Library Association 2011 Annual Conference on Envisioning Tomorrow, Oct 5-7, 2011, Kansas City, USA.

CCUMC Conference

I presented “Do online collaborative tools foster knowledge sharing within virtual teams?” along with Yvonne Ballester at the CCUMC 2011 Annual Conference on Leadership in Media and Academic Technology, South Texas College, South Padre Island, Oct 5-9, Texas, USA.

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