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Rajesh Singh

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Nevada Library Association 2018 Annual Conference Presentation

Presented on “Library brand advocacy: STEPPS to effective community engagement” at the Nevada Library Association’s 2018 Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, Oct 12-14, 2018.

ECIL 2018 Conference Presentation

Presented on “Impact of intrinsic motivators on knowledge sharing in virtual Environments: Implications for workplace information literacy and collaborative practices” at the 2018 European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Oulu, Finland, Sept 24 – 27, 2018.

ALISE 2018 Presentation

Presented on “Cultivating a critical thinking mindset among new information professionals in an era of “alternative facts” at ALISE 2018 Conference on “The Expanding LIS Education Universe,” Feb 6 – 9, Denver, CO.

2017 LMCC Presentation

Presented Before you market: What you need to know about your library’s market orientation and marketing culture. 2017 Library Marketing and Communication Conference (LMCC), Nov 15-16, 2017, Dallas, TX.

IFLA 2016 Mgmt & Marketing Conference

Presenting “Of human bondage: Breaking through to lasting change in information organizations” at the IFLA 2016 Satellite Meeting on Management and Marketing Section on Managing Human Resources in the Library and Information Context: How do we want to work tomorrow? Aug 10-11, 2016, Toronto, Canada.

ASIS&T 2015 Panel for Doctoral Students

A SIG ED proposal prepared by Karen Miller and I entitled “Standing Out in the Academic LIS Job Market: An Interactive Panel for Doctoral Students” was accepted for the 2015 ASIS&T Conference to be held in St. Louis in November.

KLA October 2014 Presentation

I presented the following at the Kansas Library Association 2014 Conference, October 29-31:

Singh, R. (2014). From Content Creation to Community Engagement: STEPPS to Success. 2014 Kansas Library Association (KLA) Conference on Engaging Communities Promoting Learning, Oct 29-31, Wichita, KS, USA.

ASIS&T-hosted International Conference on Knowledge Management 2013 – Montreal

I presented “Collaboration in the cloud: Role of interaction and online collaborative tools in enhancing knowledge creation in virtual environments” at the ASIS&T-hosted International Conference on Knowledge Management 2013, Nov 1-2, Montreal, Canada.

Missouri Library Association 2013 Annual Conference

I presented “Experience matters! Building libraries’ brand image through experience management” at the Missouri Library Association 2013 Annual Conference, Oct 2-4, St. Louis, MO.

2013 Kansas Library Association Conference

I will be presenting the following at the 2013 Kansas Library Association Conference, Oct 9-11, Topeka, KS:

“Library Branding: From public service to community hotspot”

“Tapping into emotions: Strategies for reinventing libraries”

“Beyond carrots and sticks: What really engages library employees”
(with Lindsey Warner and Casey Heupel)

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