Rajesh Singh

Associate Professor of Library and Information Science

Rajesh Singh

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Article Published in Feliciter June 2014

My article was published in the June 2014 edition of Feliciter:

Singh, R. (2014). Engaging your library community through effective brand advocacy: STEPPS to Success. Feliciter, 60(3), 27-29.


Article Published in Journal of Library Administration

This article is the result of my ESU grant-funded research, in collaboration with Amber Ovsak, my graduate assistant on the project.

Singh, R., & Ovsak, A. (2013). Library experience matters! Touchpoints to community engagement. Journal of Library Administration, 53(5/6), 344-358.

Article Published in Journal of Information and Knowledge Management

The following article was published in December 2013:

Singh, R. (2013). Collaboration in the cloud: Role of interaction and online collaborative tools in enhancing knowledge creation in virtual environments. Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, 12(4), 1350030-1-12.


Article Published in “Information Outlook” Jan-Feb 2013 Issue

My article entitled, “A more holistic approach: Strategic engagement,” is published in the Jan-Feb 2013 issue of Information Outlook, the journal of the Special Libraries Association.

Article Published in “Feliciter” Oct 2012

My article entitled, “Three’s Company: Leadership in the Three Spheres of Strategic Influence,” is published in the October 2012 issue of Feliciter, the Canadian Library Association’s journal.